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Digital Missionary Course

Are you passionate about using digital skills to server Christ from content creation to content publishing.

First Month - Start Up

Training at EYC Media, Shashemene - Ethiopia

Trainings Conducted

  • Camera Operation

  • Composition & Lighting

  • Producing & Pre-production

  • Sound Fundamentals

  • Basic Recording

  • Basic Audio Production

  • Bible & Health Courses

Month Two - Sending

Digital Missionary Work at a Mission Field

Activities Engaged

  • Recording a promo video of the mission environment

  • Recording mission stories and testimonies

  • Living and serving as a missionary

  • Traveling to various churches in the area to share their stories and experiences

  • Organize a evangelism event with the local church

Month Three - Final Training

Training & Project Work at EYC Media, Shashemene - Ethiopia

Trainings Conducted

  • Video Editing, Color Grading & Effects

  • Basic Sound Editing

  • Mixing Techniques

  • Follow Up Bible & Health Classes


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