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Boat on Still Water

Know this Information about our events

I have kids, can I bring them?

We do not have any special arrangements for the kids. The parents are responsible for their own kids.


Things to know regarding guest room

If you need a guest room you should make a communication early for easier coordination but it will attract an extra cost of 25 Birr.



If you are not able to join us for the whole meeting from Wednesday to Sunday, you are welcome to join us on the Sabbath. If you are planning to come on the Sab-bath morning and leave by Sabbath evening, you do not have to register. You can inform us in advance and simply drop in.

If you plan to come on Friday and stay overnight, you will have to register for the meeting as we need to arrange for your stay.


Registration fee:

For those who will be residing within the campus the whole session will be required to give a fee of 250 Ethopian Birr which is around $10 per person. Those who will be operating from out-side will be required to register too those who will be attending only on the Sabbath are the ones exempted from registration. Meals will be served in the cafeteria at your own cost.

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Abel Fetene

The event has added alot to my

spiritual life and enjoyed the music



This was fun to join the

EYC Conference.



The Conferences are full of Physical, mental, spiritual messages for every one

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