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AYC Aims.

1. To motivate youth to be active in discipleship.

2. To involve and equip youth in different forms of ministry by having programs of various
methods that educate toward outreach.

3. To have a personal encounter with the Lord.

4. To experience a sense of God`s call in their life.

5. To develop remarkable and lasting friendships with other young people


If you are 17-35 years of age, we welcome you to bring your friends and families to participate in our events.



Do you love to sing? Do you play an instrument or conduct a quartet or musical group? We'd love to have you worship with us and don't be shy about contacting us and offering your leadership or special music arrangements for performance.

Community service


We don't just study the Bible, sing, worship, share and pray together. We are a youth-led movement that is focused on being a blessing and a witness in our communities and villages and towns. 

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