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1. Professor Safawo Gullo,

Ethiopia Adventist College president.

2. Mr Emanuel Gloria,

Lecturer at Ethiopia Adventist College.

3.  Mr Joel Anota,

Lecturer of law, at Haramaya University.

4.  Mr Anani Moti,

Attorney at Sheshemene.

5. Yuhanis Dilla,

President,(Engineer )Lecturer at Ethiopia Adventist College.

6. Ayantu Kedir,

Executive secretary, student at Hayat medical college.

7. Chala Berhanu,

General Vice President, civil engineer at Sheshemene.

8. Fejiso Hirpo,

Treasurer, Lecturer at paradise valley university.

9, Mr, Abraham Abayne,

South Field youth Director.

10. Pastor Feyiso Hussen,

South East Ethiopia field youth director.

11. Mr Tesfaye Galo.

Lecturer at Ethiopia Adventist College.

12. Dr. Daniel Serunjogi

Dean of school of theology at Ethiopia Adventist College.

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